Posted by: willtblog | April 7, 2010

Fix #1: Dashboard Lights

To my dismay, a few lights on the dashboard were out when I purchased my Audi. Not to worry, it wasn’t a difficult fix.

From a manual I had acquired online, I found the following:

Lower + Extend the steering wheel downwards Then pull the plastic cover off

The two screws that should be visible

After you undo the screws, gently pull the dashboard by any means, it should come out. Watch out behind as there are three connections you must disconnect. WARNING: Your TRIP K’s will be reset to ‘0’ so be sure to record the amount if you keep a log.

Use a screwdirver (Flathead) to pull up the little plastic parts on the connectors (No photos, but you will get what I mean..) to disconnect them.

The Dashboard

The back with the bulb screws visible

The bulb screws are visible

Now if you look at the back, the orange and black things are your bulbs. Just twist and the bulb should fall out. My bulbs were rated at 12V 1.1W but the ones I bought were 12V 1.2W, I dont think it makes much difference, as they have been fine so far.

My blown bulbs



  1. Thank you. That was helpful.

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