Posted by: willtblog | April 7, 2010

Update #1: Out With the Center Console!

I will start posting my updates in a new Update category.

Today I ordered my 8″ Lilliput Screen 869GL-80NP/C for $351 NZD off of Ebay. I hope to receive this sometime next week and start my dash fabrication!

I also removed all of the center console dash area so I can start to relocate the AirCon Controls. I am relocating them down to where the ashtray [was] is. This apparently is not the first time it has been done, see here for a pic from brrman at

I started with removing the surrounding faceplate to expose some bolts, and the AirCon Control removal screws.

Face Plate Removed

I disconnected the cables at the back of the AirCon Control unit, and proceeded to remove the ash tray piece. Be brave with this, as it feels as if it will snap any minute! There is also a wire you will need to disconnect at the back of the ash tray.

Pull in these handy holes

The removed AshTray

Next, there are several screws that need to be undone. They are:

  1. In the left footwell underneath a cover (Use a flathead screwdriver to remove)
  2. Each side of the CenterConsole, just after the gear stick
  3. Under neath the compartment behind the handbrake (Where the OBDII port is found)
  4. 4 screws on the main panel



2 (Found either side)

3 (Bad photo!)


Now, you need to fiddle! Yes, thats all the screws done, now pull, push and do what ever it takes to get the damn thing out, I’m sure theres a nack, but Ive not figured it yet!


What a mess!

It will be worth it in the end!

Now that I have the center console out, A few more photos of it:

The Center Console



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