Posted by: willtblog | April 8, 2010

Info: AU-650 XR-7V401 Stereo

I have been a little paranoid to take my stereo out of the car due to a few people on the forums. They said that the radio once disconnected from the battery would ask for a key code (Anti theft device). After gaining a bit of courage, and realizing what I had to loose (After I blew the cd changer up, I only could listen to One radio station to the band expander not working..) I disconnected the stereo!

There is no anti-theft code of any sort on the AU-650 found in the 1997 Audi A4 Quattro! (Although you cant blame me if yours asks for one lol)

A few pics and a wiring diagram:

Pin-out for the AU-650




Aerial Plug Location (*dashboard :P)



  1. Hi there, very interesting stuff. I’m a bit like you scared to unplug the radio as I don’t have the security codes if it needs them. I want to fit a band expander and figure I need to pick-up power (for the band expander) from pin 5 on the ‘C’ connector. What do you think? Also, which is the aerial connection and what sort of plug does it use (I can’t quite see from your photos). Thanks

    • Hi John!
      Thanks for the response,

      As for the radio, if yours is the same as mine (AU-650) then from what I experienced, it does not have any security codes. So you’ll be safe if you pull it out to have a look behind.

      Ive not played much with band expanders before, didn’t even realise they needed power. As far as pin 5 goes, I wouldnt cut it off fully, just tap into it with your band expander. There could be something that need the ANT REM OUT somewhere along the antenna…?

      Have a look at the new image I added to this post, hopefully this will give you a better idea of the aerial connector plug thing. Shots were taken in the dark on my iphone, so sorry for bad quality!


  2. Hi Will,
    Thanks for your help and for posting the extra photo – very useful.

    I’m just about ready to tackle the job but first will have to get hold of a couple of the removal tools. I’ll see if the Audi dealership can help.

    My radio (on the cassette door) shows AU-660 as the model number but I’m guessing it’s the same as yours – looks identical to your photo. Soon tell once I get it out. I’ll let you know how I get on.

    Keep up the excellent blog – I’m slowly working my way through it and find it very informative.

    Thanks once again

  3. Thanks for the tips Will. After reading your article I found a couple of old radio removal tools and did a quick modification to turn them into Audi ones. Worked perfectly. Thanks again. Johnhh
    PS. I’ve taken a couple of pix of the tools but can’t post them on your blog. Any ideas?


    I didn’t create an account on tinypic so hope you can see them using the above links…..

  5. By all means please add them – I would have copied your design just I didn’t have any beer handy…..
    My next question is, ‘now I have the radio out am I brave enough to unplug it’?

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