Posted by: willtblog | April 8, 2010

Update #4: CarPC Parts

The foam is still setting (3 hours later), must be because I put a load in there.. Ill leave it until tomorrow. I have just been looking at the parts I need to get in order to get a fully functioning CarPC. As I have already purchased my 8″ Lilliput Touchscreen, I have yet to get the remaining parts.

My Ideal Setup Below:

Total: $1026

And that is just for the CarPC itself, When I get these parts there will still be no audible muzic! :0

After I get all them parts, I need to get an Amplifier.

I like the Alpine PDX range, I will need the PDX 4.100 for my speakers, and a PDX 1.600 for my sub(s) (Mabye the PDX 1.1000).
The amps retail at $550 + $550, thats already $1100 USD without any decent speakers. Add that to my current price, and its a hell of a lot.

I am looking for a cheaper alternative, but my pc specs will stay as listed I think, I even may need to get some more hours at Foodtown.


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