Posted by: willtblog | April 11, 2010

Update #7: Fiber Glass Pt2

Today I sanded down the first layer of fiber glass and made sure the fit was ok. Yesterday there were a few problems, the mold ‘swiveled’ while inside the Ash Tray compartment. I figured out why; the bottom of the mold extended out too much. I chopped it off using my handy bread knife (Which cuts fiber glass pretty well also!).

A few more pics:



As I needed to get the front perfectly flat, I thought of two ways I could achieve this.

The first, is the most painfull and requires a lot of sanding. The second seems much easier.

The Epoxy glue that I am using ‘peels’ off of plastic. Why not use a long flat piece of plastic to rest the wet epoxy on? Thats exactly what I did.

The unflat mold

Hopefully this will work.

Flat box


The fiberglass has now dried at the bottom, and came out perfectly flat (Y). I added another layer of fiberglass around the mold. Pics:

It worked (Y)


Layer 2


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