Posted by: willtblog | January 31, 2011

Future Plans!

Its been a while since my last update, But I am still loving the car!

I have had one problem with it so far, and my W.O.F checkup is due in a few days (NZ Equivilant of UK’s MOT). The Ignition Switch has broken, making the car a PITA to start ūüė¶ After a few hours research on the web, it seems that Audi have recalled the specific part, so I am ringing the Audi Dealer up tomorrow to get this sorted. (If they wont do it, its not too much of a job anyway (Hourish + $100NZD)

Due to this Inition Swith fail, my battery has been taking a hammering, the electrics dont fully switch off when the key is removed, and I have come to the car once, to find that it wouldnt start.

I have not posted about the subwoofers I installed into the car. They are destructive! I bought 2x 12″ Apline subs and an amp that runs them 300Watts each. I have recently taken these out tempareally, due to the Ignition Switch.
The amp wasent too hard to install, I routed the power through the ECU box and into the car to avoid making another hole in the firewall.

Anyway, A few things that I plan to do;

  1. Add always on LEDs to the front of the car, with a switch.
  2. Add a Push to Start Engine button (For the fun of it!)
  3. Add a USB Female Mount inside the glove box (For the Alpine IDA-305S’ Input)
  4. Insert new set of speakers as the current stock ones have blown.

Shouldnt be too hard!


Alpine IDA-305s in my Audi A4 1.8T 1997 B5


Alpine IDA-305s - Not got the plastic surround yet

Now for the Engine Start Button. This will go where the absolutely useless cup holders are. I will also mount the switch for the always on LEDs here.

Audi A4 Interior

The cup holders next to the handbrake will be the home of the start engine button.

I decided to add an Index too:

Update #12: Newz

Update #11: General Update

Update #10: Central Unit Removal + Fiber Glassing

Update #9: Paint + Cutting

Update #8: FiberGlass Pt3

Update #7: Fiber Glass Pt2

Update #6: Fiber Glass

Update #5: Mold

Update #4: CarPC Parts

Update #3: A/C Mould

Update #2: Air-Con Unit Disassembly

Update #1: Out With the Center Console!

Fix #1: Dashboard Lights

Mod #1: Audi Logo Chrome

Mod #2: DIY Radio Removal Key

Info: AU-650 XR-7V401 Stereo


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