Posted by: willtblog | February 9, 2011

Update #13 Replaced the Ignition Switch

A while ago my ignition barrel gave in. When starting the car I had to manually switch back the key to stop the starter motor burning out.

I bought a new Ignition Switch from the Audi Stealership for $88 NZD and had to install it myself (Theres no way that I’m paying for labour!)

All I had to do was take the steering wheel off, and the plastic covers behind it. Then your left with this:

Underneath the steering wheel, Faulty Ignition Switch Removed

The picture above shows the ignition switch removed.. To remove it, all you need to do is pull the purple/black connector out of it. Then undo the screws and pull the ignition switch out of the barrel.

Old (Left), New (Right)

Old (Left), New (Right)

I also changed the oil and filter 🙂

Next up, Push to Start button, and LED Lights.



  1. Dude I like how u log dis stuff down.
    That was my dream when I was growing up.
    To fix up my ride and take lots of pictures and show the world that anyone can do dis with the right attitude.
    Keep it up men ill be tuned in as I also have an Audi a4
    2.8 quattro that needs some work.
    I don’t have the garage like u but I have the spirit and a few tools.
    I’m a carpenter by trait and I love Audi so good luck to u and tell your dad to hold it steady lol

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