Posted by: willtblog | February 10, 2011

Update #14 The Radio Faceplate Arrived + Removed Stock Speakers


So to my surprise, the Radio Faceplate arrived today (Not sure if thats the correct name…)


The Faceplate and instruction sheet

The faceplate is cheap plastic, but matched the interior plastic pretty well. The ~$20 NZD pricetag was a little excessive I thought, but oh well.

To my dismay, the way that it clips into the center console was not very good. I don’t see how you would get it off without breaking something. This was pretty much the only dissapointment of the job, but made my life hell.

Ive got to figure out another way to fit the faceplate around my radio… So much for what I thought would be a quick 5 min job…

Anyway, that aside, I decided to pull out my interior console to play around with some ideas. I ended up soldering the radio harness onto the OEM cables, removing the plastic connectors.

The crazy wire-ing behind my console.. Needs sorting out..

Tray. Just incase I drop the soldering iron or a dab of solder falls. Dont want a hole in my carpet!

Job Done.

Anyway, with that done, I need to think of a material that I can put in place of the cup holder. This will be where I mount the two buttons, one for engine start, and the other to controll the LEDs at the fron of the car.


As I am planning to get some new speakers, I also took the passenger side door off to have a look at the tweeter and speaker. Turns out, there’s no wounder that there screwed… They are the origional speakers from 1997 – and they look like they’ve been owned…


Nokia Speaker and Blaupunkt Tweeter



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