Posted by: willtblog | February 17, 2011

Mod #3 Engine Start Button Install

So today I went to Jaycar and bought a couple of switches. One was a engine start button, and one was your standard push toggle button..

One of the main challenges to wire the Engine Start Button was to find out which wires to tap into from the ignition switch. I couldn’t find anything about installing the Engine Start Button in a 97 A4 anywhere, so had to experiment myself. After proding wires accross various red/black cables, I found the correct cobination to trigger the starter motor. The big black wire is the + and the red(black stripe) is ground. Odd, I know.

Ignition Switch Diagram

Where I tapped into the wires

Instead of messing around soldering the wires near the ignition switch, I followed the wires further up to a location with a little more room to play with. Just under the dashboard was perfect.

Soldered wires

Ready to connect to the button!

I then needed to mount the button somewhere. I decided that I was going to block in the useless cup holders next to the handbreak. I cut a piece of wood to fit, and coated it with an old folder, mounted the button in and…

Tacky, but all is hidden! 😉

Update, right, here are some photo’s of the install:

Looks good!

Lit up

The Radio Faceplate installed.



  1. Hi just wondering did the two wire u connected up were the only two because I got the same switch from jaycar and there is three connections. Connected it up with to of the wires and car starts up fine but does not lite up so I had to bypass it to the spare connection and lite up ad car started up fine but web I put it in drive the lite goes out is dat meant to happen? Thanks hope u can help me Audi a4 b5 1998 non turbo and not a Quattro

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