Posted by: willtblog | February 22, 2011

Mod #4 K&N 57i Induction Kit Install

I have recently purchased the K&N 57i Induction Kit for my car. It cost me $140 NZD (incl shipping) from an ebay reseller and also included a K&N Recharger Kit! (Valued at $12.99 USD!) Shipping was fast from the US took 4 days (over a weekend too!). Just shows how much NZ retailers mark up prices.. I was quoted $286 NZD + 4 weeks shipping from repco and $168 NZD + 3 weeks shipping from Auto One.

Anyway, Here are some pictures of the kit

The Boxes

The 57i Kit Contents

Recharge Kit Contents

When my engine has cooled down, I’ll install it, and update this post later today if all goes ok 😛

So, It’s now later, and I’ve installed it. Took about an hour or two, I took it nice and slow making sure I didn’t screw up at all.

First you have to remove the covers off the stock airbox, untill you see this

You can see a heatsink (left) and the MAF (right)

Then just pull out the Heatsink, just a grommet fitting in there. And remove the metal guard you can see at the top of the picture, there are 4 screws that need to be undone (sorry about no picture!). Also unclip all the clips (4) around the top half of the airbox.

Once you have done this, the top half will almost be free….

Inside the top half of the airbox. MAF is located here.

Just remove the MAFs grommit from the top, and unclip the plug seen in the picture above, Then the top half will be free.

Bottom half + existing flat filter

Then unscrew the bolt seen at the bottom of the picture above that hold the bottom half in. When removed, the bottom will just pull out – that bolt is the only one holding it in.

Bottom half of stock air filter.

Stock air filter removed! Look at all the space!

K03 Turbo

As shown in the K&N 57i Install guide, attach the metal to the pipe as seen on Page 2, Photo D. using the plastic ties.

Then attach the MAF to the K&N filter, making sure you have the MAF the correct way around! (There’s an arrow on the maf, make sure it points the direction of airflow into the engine)

MAF Attached the wrong way!!! 😛

Installed, just need to trim the plastic ties.

I didn’t go into too much detail about the bracket that hold the K&N Filter in place, the K&N instructions sheet that comes with the kit explains everything pretty well. Also can be found here

Now, on your mark, start you car and rev it. Sounds like a beast! Of course, sound is not the reason I bought this filter, apparently it helps with fuel economy!

Also, I didn’t install the piping that came with the 57i kit, I will make my own in the near future, I just want to see how it goes…

Engine Bay


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