Posted by: willtblog | February 23, 2011

Update #15 Boost leak..?

So, After taking my car for a drive with the newly install 57i K&N Air Filter, there seems to be no boost active.. Just constant smooth accelleration all the way to red line, no power band as per say. I cannot confirm that this is the fault of the air filter, as I played with the vag-com cable, and tried to align the throttle body – which failed. This could have screwed it up..

Tomoz, or later today, after ive slept. I will check the boost lines for leaks and fix any, See if this fixes anything. If not, I’ll re-install the stock airbox and test it, see if the car goes back to the way it was. If not, Ill have to take out the throttle body and fix the Error Code: 17967 – Throttle Body (J338): Fault in basic settings (Which my car has had since I bought it..)


UPDATE! 12:10pm 23/02/2011

Figured out that its the throtlle body. It’s not regestering WOT. Time to fix that :/



  1. i had the same problem, only i replaced my turbo which began to smoke.
    and saw that my wastegate flap was missing…

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